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Last Updated: 9/11/2020 4:19 PM

The Cherokee County School District is committed to transparency of its operations and its budget. Accordingly, the goal of this webpage, which will be periodically updated and expanded, is to provide employees and the broader community with clear understanding of the School District’s mission – teaching and learning – and its stewardship of fiscal resources.  All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted and can be read by downloading the free Adobe Reader program.

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CCSD has launched a Fact vs. Fiction webpage!  In these times of “fake news” circulated on social media and “unofficial” social media groups, this new webpage at is a place where you can find accurate information in a timely manner.  This is an expansion of CCSD’s long-standing commitment to transparency and accountability and a part of our nationally recognized Open CCSD transparency project and webpage.  

Budget and Financial Documents

Superintendent's 2020-21 Budget 

Financial Facts 2020-21

Video: Understanding the CCSD Budget

Article: "Who Pays for Our Children's Education?"

Budget Archives

Monthly Financial and Education SPLOST Reports

Education SPLOST Schedule 

Education SPLOST

Financial Audits


Georgia DOE School System Financial Information

Agency Performance

Annual Reports

Performance-Related Publications

Student Assessment Reports

GOSA Report Card

Public Records

Open Records Act

School Board Meeting Minutes and Board Business Briefs Archives

School Board Policy

Strategic Plans

School Council Meetings

Legislative Priorities

Human Resources

Organizational Chart

Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators

Public School Employee Oath of Allegiance

2020-21 Teacher Salary Schedule

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