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School Board Leadership and Recognition

Last Updated: 10/29/2020 8:09 PM

The Cherokee County Board of Education has achieved multiple state and national recognitions for leadership and governance, including awards from the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) and the National School Boards Association (NSBA). 

The GSBA Board Recognition Program is designed to reflect the state standards, which offers school boards additional ways to increase their effectiveness. The State Board of Education developed the state standards for governance that form the foundation for GSBA’s awards and recognition program. This Board Recognition Program requires a high level of commitment from school boards and individual members. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform based on governance standards which challenges boards, but creates a culture of success for students and communities.


2019: Georgia School Boards Association "Leading Edge" Award

leading edge award

The Cherokee County School District’s annual VILLA Program, which encourages and celebrates parent engagement, saw record participation in 2019 and won the Georgia School Boards Association's Leading Edge Award, which recognizes innovative practices by governance teams and school districts.  

The award-winning parent academy program began in 2017 in CCSD as a pilot initiative developed with the Georgia School Boards Association and with the support of Cherokee County School Board Chair Kyla Cromer, who championed the idea during her re-election campaign.  In response to the program’s popularity, a morning session and an evening session were offered to expand enrollment … with 37 parents completing the program and graduating at the School Board’s November 2019 meeting.
“We greatly appreciate the growing number of parents who want to learn more about our School District and how they can better support our schools and our students,” Ms. Cromer said.  “Parent engagement is critical to our success, and the School Board and I see VILLA as an important way for us to foster that engagement.”
VILLA (Volunteer Instructional Leadership Learning Academy) is a free six-week program that offers participants the opportunity to learn more about the public schools in their community.  Topics including school operations, governance, funding and accountability are covered in classes that feature presentations by CCSD staff and question-and-answer sessions with the School Board and Superintendent of Schools, as well as a field trip to schools.  The program concludes with a dinner and graduation ceremony.  NOTE: A gallery is posted here with more photos from the program.


2019:  Georgia School Boards Association "Distinguished School Board"

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The Georgia School Boards Association awarded the Cherokee County School Board its 2019 Distinguished School Board designation, which honors school boards that consistently model best practices and meet specific high standards of excellence.  

“We know our School Board members are of the highest quality, as servant leaders who show exceptional professionalism and compassion in all they do and who always put children first when making policy decisions,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower.  “They pay their ‘civic rent’ every day through this extraordinary service and do so without any expectation for recognition.  We’re so proud of them for the important work they do and for earning this special honor for our community.”

The recognition program is designed to showcase best practices in school governance and leadership. GSBA recognizes good school board governance to foster educational community cultures in order to advance student learning and achievement. 



2018:  Georgia School Boards Association "Quality School Board"



The Georgia School Boards Association awarded the Cherokee County School Board its 2018 Quality School Board designation.  The statewide recognition program celebrates school boards that consistently model best practices and meet specific high standards of excellence.

In order to earn Quality School Board status, school boards must demonstrate its members meet or exceed specific criteria that shows their commitment to professionalism, including adherence to a code of ethics, effective use of strategic planning, annually assessing their own performance and progress, and continuous participation in professional development. 

School Board members are elected to four-year terms for the Cherokee County School District, which serves more than 42,000 students and 4,800 employees.  Their many responsibilities include setting School Board Policies, approving CCSD’s annual budget, hearing disciplinary and employment appeals, and hiring the Superintendent of Schools. 




2015: American School Board Journal MAGNA Award

The Cherokee County School District received National recognition for its academic school choice program, Cherokee Academies.  The magna logoprogram was named an Honorable Mention winner in the 21st annual Magna Awards program sponsored by the National School Boards Association’s flagship magazine, American School Board Journal (ASBJ). The Magna Awards recognize school districts and their leaders from across the Nation for taking bold and innovative steps to improve the lives of their students and their communities. An independent panel of school board members, administrators and other educators selected the 33 honorees from 250 submissions. “In a time when public schools are under attack, we are pleased to showcase schools and their leaders who are dedicated to innovation and excellence,” said Thomas J. Gentzel, Executive Director of NSBA. “The winning programs are proof that public education is leading the way to advance student achievement.” The innovative choice initiative, which was launched in the 2012-13 school year, was designed to: offer magnet-type instruction in STEM and Fine Arts to all students at campuses chosen for geographic location and the ability to accommodate large numbers of transfer students in all grades, with priority given to locating these programs in Title I schools; begin at the elementary school level in order to build knowledge and interest to sustain a high school model; and offer transportation options to increase opportunities for transfer participation. 

2008:  American School Board Journal MAGNA Award

The Cherokee County School District received the Grand Prize in the large school systems category for its nontraditional high school choice program.