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International Skills Diploma Seal

Last Updated: 9/10/2020 8:46 PM


ISDS Informational Powerpoint

The International Skills Diploma Seal (ISDS) is awarded to graduating high school students who complete an international education curriculum and engage in extracurricular activities and experiences that foster the achievement of global competencies. It is a signal to employers and higher education institutions that a student is prepared to participate in the global economy.

To earn the ISDS, students must complete the following:

  • Coursework in the following areas (8 credits total)
    • World Languages : at least three credits in the same world language and/or ESOL
    • International Focus: at least four credits in courses with an international focus, such as macroeconomics, world history, world geography, British literature, etc.
  • At least four extracurricular activities and experiences with global themes and/or in global contexts (e.g. exchange programs, international and language clubs, travel abroad)
  • Twenty hours of community service involving a global/cross-cultural public service project
  • A brief presentation on the knowledge gained in the courses and activities listed above

For more information, please follow the following links:

Georgia DOE International Skills Diploma Seal Info

Current List of International Focus Courses at CHS

Extracurricular and Community Service Opportunities at CHS

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Clemson Poetry Declamation Contest
  • Coweta County World Language Poetry Contest
  • Environmental Action Club
  • French Club
  • French National Contest
  • French National Honor Society
  • GHP Social Studies
  • GHP World Language
  • Interact Club
  • National Spanish Exam
  • National French Exam
  • School-sponsored international trip
  • Social Science Fair
  • Spanish Club
  • Spanish National Honor Society
  • Hosting International Students

Current Community Service Opportunities:

  • Alpha Gamma Service Club
  • BETA Club
  • Environmental Action Club
  • National World Language Honor Societies
  • Interact Club
  • Student Government Association
  • American Red Cross
  • Community service mission trips abroad
  • Personal trips abroad with a strong community service, exchange, or cross-cultural component

CHS Travel Abroad Guidelines

Capstone Presentation Guidelines

Printable Student Checklist