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Canvas Parent Directions

Last Updated: 8/28/2020 8:44 PM

Canvas Account Instructions

1. Visit the Liberty Elementary website

2. Under the Parents & Community section, click Canvas.

Parent & Community Links












3. Then click the link in the top right corner that says:
“Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here for Account”

Parent of Canvas User Links


4. Put in the following information:

Parent of Student User Information


5. When it asks for a pairing code for your child, put in the code below. Please keep in mind that these pairing codes expire after a few days. If you are setting this up later, please let me know if your pairing code does not work.

Student Pairing Code:_________________________


If you need more information about CANVAS go to


If you have any issues setting up an account, please let us know! We will try to assist you.


Thank you for being involved in your child's education.