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Special Education

Last Updated: 8/26/2021 6:03 PM

Special Education

The Special Education department includes services and supports that provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE) to eligible students. Targeted areas for services and supports include but are not limited to; accessible instructional materials, assistive technology, positive behavior supports, and transitions. These services focus on enhancing student achievement and post-secondary outcomes through implementation of regional and statewide activities for students and their families. In addition, the department will operate in compliance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The Cherokee County School District’s Special Education curriculum is based on the local and state standards, as are core subjects, while using the integration of various teaching strategies. The concepts of these strategies are used to relate to students’ lives and future career choices.

Special Education Instructors:

Alexander, Hunter Resource
Andrews, Lauren Resource
Ballew, Rick Paraprofessional
Boraks, Melissa Paraprofessional
Burris, Sarah SPED
Corcoran, Paige Resource
Darling, Aaron Resource
Davenport, Tiffany Paraprofessional
Flaherty, Karri Paraprofessional
Galya, Caitlin SPED
Hewgley, Veronica Resource
Howell, Laura Paraprofessional
Madison, Deanna Resource
Manus, Kim Resource
McDonald, Cassie Paraprofessional
McFeeley, Lindsey Speech Language Pathologist
Mullinax, Joseph CTI
Nayman, Kendra Resource
Osceola, Jack Paraprofessional
Overmier, Monica Resource
Poston, Rebekkah School Psychologist
Petrovich, Carol Paraprofessional
Riehl, Sara Paraprofessional
Russell, Lauren Resource
Schultz, Andy Resource
Schultz, Jennifer Resource
Smith, Brandon Resource
Sullivan, Jacob Resource
Walker, Patrick EBD
Woodburn, Derek SPED
Youngblood, Adam Resource