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Last Updated: 10/7/2021 5:53 PM
Name Department Email
Adkins, April Math
Akins, Chris Art
Alexander, Hunter Resource
Amend, Ross Band
Andrews, Lauren Resource
Ayers, Marlon ROTC
Baccala, Allison Chorus
Ballew, Rick Para Professional
Barber, Stephanie Assistant Principal
Barton, Conner Math

Bass, Lacey English
Bearden, Kim Nurse
Belli, Casey Math
Belli, Chelsea Math
Bellini, Heather Science
Beyer, Tracey Science
Bisgrove, Mary Science
Bobber, Victoria Foreign Language - Spanish
Boehman, Kim English
Boraks, Melissa Para Professional
Brackett, Alicia PT Front Office Secretary
Bradley, Jennifer Math
Brantley, James Special Ed Facilitator
Bricker, Laura School Nutrition Mgr.
Brigham, Cheryl School Nutrition Asst. Mgr.
Britt, Eric Social Studies
Brown, Briawnna Counselor (G-M)
Buckner, Alyx Science
Bulger, Tracye English
Burris, Sarah MI-MO
Cafaro, Julia English
Chamberlain, Michelle English
Christian, Reed English
Cleveland, Aaron Social Studies
Cochran, Kim English
Collins, Mike Alt School / Head Football Coach
Corcoran, Paige Resource
Culpepper, Carla ESOL
D'Antuono, Sara Secretary to Mrs. Norris
Darling, Aaron Resource
Davenport, Tiffany Para Pro
Davis, Blake Social Studies
Davis, Callie CTAE 
Day, Amanda Math
Deese, Rodney ROTC
Demsick, Robert Math
Dirst, Greg PE
Dugan, Tara Science
Dyer, David Assistant Principal / Athletic Director
Elder, Virginia Principal Secretary
Farist, Amanda English
Farist, Ben Social Studies
Ficklin, Seana Counselor
Field, Rebecca Foreign Language
Fields, Rob Drama
Flaherty, Karri Para Pro
Freeman, Katie Science
Galya, Caitlin Special Education
Gardner, Linda Bookkeeper
Gibson, Adrian  Math
Gibson, Nichole Work-Based Learning
Giles, Tony English
Goins, Jamie Math
Goodbread, Sarah PE
Goodloe, Marci Lead Counselor
Graham, Kelly Math
Haggerty, Judi CTAE
Hardigree, Adam Instructional Lead Strategist
Hardin, Laura Secretary for Mr. Dyer
Harris, Sandy Counseling Secretary
Harrison, David Social Studies
Hawks, Melissa Secretary to Mr. Nix
Heinzer, Erin English
Hewgley, Veronica SPED
Holcomb, Savannah Media Specialist
Hooper, Keith Foreign Language-Spanish
Howell, Laura Para Pro
Jeffers, Jonathan CTAE
Jones, Tyler PE
Kealhofer, Matthew Social Studies
Kirk, Jeff Foreign Language-Spanish
Klemm, Amy CTAE
Kong, Kati Counselor
Lakes, Barry PE
Lathem, Gloria Science
Lawhorne, Christin Orchestra & Band
League, Elisabeth English
Lewis, Mark Math
Livesay, Marlee Secretary (Barber)
Madison, Deanna Sped- IRR
Manderano, Pete SOS
Manus, Kim Resource
Manwaring, Elisa Science
Marinelli, Andrew PE
McDonald, Cassie Para Pro
McFeeley, Lindsay Speech Language Pathologist
Miller, Todd Principal
Mitchell, Brandy Math 
Mondello, Cali Attendance Secretary
Money, Philip Science
Mora, Juan Science
Morrow, Nicholas English
Mullinax, Joseph CTI
Mulvey, MaryJo Art
Nayman, Kendra Resource
Nelson, Heather English
Nix, Ken Assistant Principal
Norris, Stephanie Assistant Principal
Norton, Jennifer CTAE
Overmier, Monica Sped- IRR
Patrillou, Albertina Foreign Language-Spanish
Pellegrino, Tina Student Records Facilitator
Petrovich, Carol Para Pro
Phillips, Cecil PE
Pierce, Melissa CTAE
Piper, Jamison Science
Poston, Rebekkah School Psychologist

Pourreau, Leslie Foreign Language-French
Rice, Matthew Social Studies
Rubin, Keara Media Center Specialist
Runion, Jeff APEX
Russell, Lauren Sped- IRR
Sand, Ansley Social Studies
Sawicki, Henley Science
Schultz, Andy Resource
Schultz, Jennifer Special Education
Schumaker, Gregg Science
Schumacher, Joy Social Studies
Shaban, Nancy Foreign Language
Smith, Brandon Resource
Strasser, Ryan English
Strassner, Terry Social Studies
Sullivan, Jacob Resource
Swope, Thomas Science
Szczepanski, Elyse English
Taylor, Adrienne Math
Taylor, Jason Social Studies
Thomas, Philip Social Studies
Tousignaut, Joe PE
Towriss, Amy Math
Underwood, Kristi Math
VanderVeen, Wendy English
Walker, Patrick Resource
Wesley, Justin PE
Whitaker, Lee CTAE
Willmann, Leigh ESOL
Wilmert, Stefanie ESOL
Wilt, Jenna Science
Winfield, Julie PE
Woodburn, Derek Special Education
Woods, Lin CTAE
Woszczynski, John Science
Youngblood, Adam Resource