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Last Updated: 8/3/2020 12:39 AM

R.M. Moore Elementary's After School Program (ASP)

Click here for Parent Letter and Registration Forms and additional information from the CCSD website.

Welcome to our school’s After School Program!  In order to ensure each family has a working description of this year’s After School Program (ASP), all parents/legal guardians with students participating in ASP are required to read and sign the ASP Parent/Legal Guardian Information Letter.


• Any elementary-aged student attending a CCSD elementary school is eligible to attend that school’s ASP.  This excludes half-day or special education pre-school students and all (full day) Georgia Lottery PreK students.  Parents or legal guardians must register their child or children by completing a registration form and signing this notification letter (available in the school office).  If there are any address/contact information changes, the parent/legal guardian of the participating student must notify ASP staff of changes. Students must be enrolled in ASP in order to participate in classes/activities offered by the Service Providers (outside vendors). 

• Credits for non-participation will be issued only if one of the following exceptions applies: a. the student is absent due to illness on a day pre-designated as an ASP day for the student b. the student is checked out by 11:00 a.m. due to illness c. the student experiences the death of an immediate family member (parent/legal guardian, sibling, grandparent); or  d. school is closed/dismissed early due to inclement weather. 

•Any student checked out of school early may not return to the school’s campus that day for the purpose of attending ASP.  

• ASP begins at the time of the school’s dismissal and extends until 6:00 p.m. 

• ASP is a PREPAID program.  

• Schools may require parents/legal guardians to pre-designate and pre-pay for ASP participation by the week (e.g., “everyday”, “M/W/F”).  This is done for the safety of students by pre-determining staff coverage needs, as well as ensuring that students who should stay in ASP do not board the bus and go home to an unsupervised situation.  

• ASP tuition is $10 per day and must be paid by the time/weekday designated by the school.  Money or notification of participation received after the designated time/weekday will cause the student to be considered as a drop-in and parents/legal guardians will be charged $14 for that day.

• Checks must be made payable to the school for the exact amount and include only ASP payments.  Any money over the exact amount will be credited to the student’s ASP account.

• Breakfast and/or lunch money must not be included with the ASP payment. 

If you have any questions, please contact the ASP Coordinator - Adam Parker.