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History of R.M. Moore

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According to public education record in 1982, the first public school supported by tax money in northern Cherokee County began operation two miles from Waleska in 1873 at a location known as "Swayback." A decade later, Reinhardt was established at Waleska in 1883. In 1900, Waleska had a population of 170 and enrollment at Reinhardt was 215. These students came from Waleska and all of northern Cherokee County.

In 1924, forty years after her first classes at Reinhardt, Miss Fredonia Blanton wrote of the school:

" It was a one-room structure with a huge fireplace at one end. The benches inside were half, or split logs, supported by pine legs. The building received the name ‘Swayback’ when the roof sagged in the middle. This building was located on the south edge of the little village of Waleska."

In 1925, the Reinhardt Grammar School transferred to the County School System even though the elementary grades continued to occupy the space on the campus until 1948 when the Waleska Elementary School was opened. The Cherokee County Board of Education secured land from Dr. R. M. Moore as a site for the school. In 1949 Carl E. Tarpley became principal.

In the 1954-1955 school year, Waleska School became R. M. Moore Elementary School by action of the Waleska Civic League and the Cherokee County Board of Education. The school was named in honor of Dr. R. M. Moore, a county board member.

In 1956, the enrollment was approximately 250 students. The school continued to grow and it was evident another building was needed. The school and community launched a plan to raise $22,000.00 to help in the construction on a gymnasium, and additional classrooms. After many projects, the dream of a gym became a reality during the 1971-1972 school year. This school, which was on Grady Street, served the community well until 1997. In March of 1997, a new building, on Puckett Road, was completed as a result of growth.

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